I am considering a hearing aid, but why do some people buy hearing aids and then not use them?

Great question, we are asked this a lot in our practice. The problem may be that the person was not a good candidate for the hearing aid in the first place, or they had unreasonable expectations of what a hearing aid can do, or appropriate adjustments were not made after the aid was initially fitted. Someone may be pressured from family members or a salesperson to buy a hearing that they will not receive much benefit from. This is frequently the case for hearing aids sold without appropriate medical and audiological evaluation. In our practice we see many people everyday with hearing loss and only after careful history, and an examination to rule out medical conditions or tumors that cause hearing loss do we ever recommend the use of hearing aids. Patients that do not go through that selective process to determine if they are a good candidate for a hearing aid are typically less satisfied and less likely to wear the hearing aid.

Expectations that the hearing aid will completely restore your hearing to normal can also result in disappointment from patients. There is some instant gratification that comes with hearing aids, but a person with hearing loss should be prepared to give the brain some time to get used to hearing more sounds again and know that sometimes adjustments in the aid need to be made. In our practice we are here to take care of the overall health of your ears and hearing, and would welcome the chance to evaluate your hearing problem. It is very important that an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician rule out diseases of the ear before a hearing aid is consider or an underlying problem could go neglected. Make sure that the person from whom you buy your hearing aid will be available after the sale for service and adjustments as required. Our practice is the only one in the area providing this high level of hearing services with a full time Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor) and an Audiologist under one roof.