I have trouble hearing, how do I know if I am a good hearing aid candidate?

There are several self-checks you can do on your own to see if your hearing is causing communication difficulties. One is simply paying attention to your body language while listening to others. If you are straining to hear or struggling to read someone’s face while trying to hold a conversation, that would be one clue. Another is if you accuse people of mumbling. Another indicator of hearing trouble is needing the television or radio turned up loud. If you have to turn the television down to communicate with someone, or if others are always asking you to lower the volume then you likely have some hearing loss. If any of these sound very familiar to you then you may need to be evaluated by an ENT doctor and audiologist for hearing loss.

The hearing evaluation is usually covered by your insurance and the process only takes a few minutes. The audiologist will perform the test and with accurate results the hearing loss can be addressed. The results will show you if a loss is present along with the degree and severity; these are two important parts in determining the right hearing aid for you and your needs. The test will also help you understand why all people seem to mumble and why the television and radio are too loud. It will also give you an understanding of why communication with others may be frustrating and the role your hearing loss plays in that.